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Currently Working On

  • AppSec EU:
    • With AppSec EU starting next week, this week has been super crazy busy. I have been keeping my normal tweet schedule of 10am - 8pm GDT. I've been keeping track of the retweets and mentions on Hootsuite, and there is some good buzz begin generated about the conference.
    • Anyone one Facebook as seen me bombard the page with plenty of conference related posts. I will be making one last push on Facebook over the weekend, and then probably won't post anything again until we get closer to AppSec USA, in which the whole cycle will start again.
    • To go along with social media, I will be posting tweets throughout the conference next week. While my tweeting schedule will not be so staunch per day, I will try to highlight sessions happening and I'm sure we'll get a hashtag started for the conference.
  • Project Summit:
    • Today, we ran into some problems with the Project Summit wiki page. One of the session that was planned was not on the schedule by mistake and the session was removed from the wiki page as well. The session was returned to the Project Summit wiki pages and I created the session on for the conference schedule, after Johanna gave me open time slot.
    • The wiki pages are now updated and I'm waiting to hear from Jonathan about adding links to the live stream for the sessions, so I can add those links to the wiki page.
  • Women in AppSec:
    • The winner for AppSec EU was selected and announced on the website. I posted her bio to the Facebook page, as well as generated tweets to announce the winner.
    • The future of the Women in AppSec Program has been a uncertain. Since this was the first project I worked on with OWASP, I have been talking with Mark Majors about getting the Women in AppSec Program at AppSec USA 2014. After speaking with Sarah, we have decided that the Women in AppSec Program should be carried out by the conference team and volunteers. I decided I would like to start part of the Women in AppSec Program, but I will do so as a volunteer, rather than it being part of my internship or contract work. Since I already have the materials created that are needed for a conference committee, I will be happy to share that with conference teams and volunteers.
  • Contract Work:
    • In addition to my internship, I am doing some contract work with OWASP. While my internship focuses on projects related tasks, my contract work focuses more on work with sponsors and partner contracts and deduping on Salesforce.

Lessons Learned

  • The week before a conference, everyone is crazy and every thing that can go wrong, will go wrong.
  • I used the event creation for Sched for the first time and found it incredibly easy to use. I thought I would have some issues, but that was not the case.
  • Johanna has been a major help with everything project related. I have been learning a lot with her and she is wonderful to work with. She always answers any questions I have thoroughly. She is going to be teaching me to use JIRA, and I will be doing more with projects with her.

Additional Comments

Have fun in Cambridge everyone! I will be state-side, and ready to answer any questions anybody has about anything.