Projects/Internships/Weekly Report 06 13 2014

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Currently Working On

  • Social Media for AppSec EU:
    • Continuing to generate more tweets and Facebook posts about the conference. Tweets start at 10am GMT.
    • This week I did a Facebook post announcing the winner of the Women in AppSec program for AppSec EU.
    • I have really enjoyed working on HootsSuite, it really is an invaluable tool.
  • New Projects:
    • This week I added several new projects to the OWASP wiki. I am also handling the cases in SalesForce and creating new accounts for them.
    • I will be putting the new projects in the next Connector.
  • Contract Work:
    • From now on I will be doing some contract work for OWASP, helping Kelly with sponsorship stuff.
    • For now, Kelly has me working on the social media deliverables for OWASP contracts. I'm really looking forward to this work.
  • Women in AppSec:
    • Since this week we announced the winner of the Women in AppSec program for AppSec Eu, I have started to look ahead to AppSec USA. With Samantha's departure, there is no one really spearheading the program. I reached out to Mark Majors to see if the Women in AppSec program was still on for AppSec USA, as I have already created several documents, including the application form for the conference.
    • While my worry is that the Women in AppSec program won't continue, I have offered to Mark to do anything I can to ensure the Women in AppSec program still happens at AppSec USA. It is my opinion that the program is invaluable and as it was the first major project I worked on within OWASP, I'm rather attached to it. I would greatly like to see the program continue and I am prepared to help ensure that it does.

Lessons Learned

  • This week has been a transition week. I will now be reporting to Sarah and we will be meeting twice a week. With my contract work and a more expansive work load in my internship, the roles I have at OWASP will be expanding to cover the gap. The focus of my internship will most likely change as I finish the last week.

Additional Comments

  • I feel like I'm really getting the hang of SalesForce, it's pretty awesome.