Projects/Internships/Weekly Report 06 06 2014

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Currently Working On

  • New Projects:
    • For now, I am working on creating the wiki pages and processing new projects within OWASP. I will continue to do this until directed otherwise.
  • AppSec EU Social Media and Promotion:
    • Up until the conference I have/ will be posting to the AppSec EU twitter about registration and the happenings at the conference. Be sure to retweet and spread the word about the conference. It's coming up in just a few weeks.
    • I also sent out an email to all the European chapter lists about the conference from the London chapter, to encourage more people to attend. Please note that I was not spamming the chapter lists, merely relaying information that a conference organizer wanted out there for conference participation.
  • Staff Hand-Off:
    • With Samantha's imminent departure, I met with her, as well as with Sarah and Hugo to go over operations from now on. As of Tuesday, I will be reporting to Sarah for my work, with more focus on projects work. I will continue to run social media accounts, write the connector and anything I can to pick up the slack in Samantha's absence.

Lessons Learned

  • Change is difficult.

Additional Comments

I would like to spend my last section here on my amazing mentor, Samantha. I don't know what I will do without her. In the last year I have really grown under her guidance and she has been a major influence in my life. She has always encouraged me and made me feel appreciated and I hope to continue to learn from her. OWASP will not be the same without her and I don't know if OWASP can replace the hole her leaving with create. It has been a privilege to work and learn under Samantha, she really is the best at what she does.