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Projects and Programs Intern Weekly Report

Currently Working On

  • Intern Handbook 2014:
    • All week I have been putting together the first Intern Handbook. The first step was to create a table of contents/outline of the handbook.
    • Throughout the week I have been slowly adding sections and filling in some information under each section. While it's nowhere near complete, I feel like I have a good start, and some decent work to present to Samantha next week when she gets back from Tokyo.
    • Thus far, I have been writing about my experiences within the two internships I have held at OWASP. The goal is to have the handbook published by the completion of this internship, which will mark my one year with OWASP.
  • Women in AppSec EU Social Media:
    • Alternating days with the OSS tweets, I have been tweeting about the need for sponsorship for the Women in AppSec Program for AppSec EU in June.
    • These tweets will continue to be sent out until OWASP has enough to send 1-2 women to AppSec EU.
    • I am excited to see how this turns out, since the Women in AppSec Program was just a huge success at last year's AppSec USA.
  • Open Source Showcase Social Media:
    • Alternating days with the Women in AppSec tweets, I have been tweeting the call for submissions to the OSS for AppSec EU.
    • I will continue to tweet for submissions until the closing date.
  • Ohloh Repository Reminders:
    • I have begun to send out reminder emails to project leaders about creating an Ohloh account for their projects. This week I sent out reminders to all the incubator projects, and I'm getting some responses and new projects are being added weekly now.
  • 'Template Migration Reminder:
    • Also for this week, I sent out reminders about the new template that we are migrating to. This week, I sent out reminders to project leaders in Labs projects and already a few new projects have migrated. The new template looks great!

Lessons Learned

  • This has been a slow week due to the fact that everyone is in Tokyo for AppSec APAC. I have been mostly left on my own to work, which has left me with a lot of quality time with my handbook. I'm hoping I made some good progress to show to Samantha next week. I'm really looking forward to a return to normalcy.
  • I am running into a small issue with documentation projects on Ohloh, I have had questions about whether having documentation projects on Ohloh is necessary since there is no actual forge to pull from. For now, I am telling project leaders with documentation projects to go ahead and create Ohloh accounts for their projects and rather than link a forge.

Additional Comments

  • Happy Spring! Or as they say back home, 'Happy Allergy Season!'