Projects/Internships/Weekly Report 03 14 2014

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Projects and Programs Intern Weekly Report

Currently Working On

  • Women in AppSec EU Sponsorship:
    • This week I started to send out Facebook posts and tweets calling for sponsors for the Women in AppSec program at AppSec EU. From the time being I will be sending out these tweets until the program has reached its sponsorship goal. Once that goal is reach, I will start on tweets and blog posts promoting applications to the program.
    • The more re-tweeting there is, the more prospects for sponsorship.
  • Open Source Showcase:
    • Another of my social media campaigns, I have been sending out blog posts and tweets calling for entries. to the OSS at AppSec EU.
    • The link to the application form is here.
  • Connector Stories for Projects:
    • I wrote up a copy for the OWASP Connector about the newest projects, adopted projects and a featured project. In total, I had 7 new projects to write about, 3 adopted projects and of course, the one featured project.
    • Writing about the new and adopted projects was easy, but for the featured project I wanted to pick a project that maybe didn't have a lot of attention.
  • Doc for Project Summit Participation:
    • This was a quick assignment. Now that we are starting to form the Project Summit for AppSec EU, people have started to sign up. Since the wiki sign up page is a little bit of a hassle, I created a sign up form for participants.
  • 'New Template Migration and Ohloh Reminders:
    • Over the course fo this week and next I will be sending out reminders to project leaders who have either not migrated to the new wiki template or have yet to upload their projects to Ohloh.
    • Just a heads up to all project leaders, the sooner you migrate to the new template and/or create an Ohloh account, the less emails you will receive from me.
    • I am always willing to help with both, since I know this is not a top priority for project leaders.
  • NSF Grant:
    • I have been researching a new grant for the Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace Program. This is a revolving annual grant of varying levels. After going over the requirements for the grant, I put together an outline of the guidelines.
    • Once Samantha has a chance to go over the document I put together, we'll decide if this grant is right for OWASP.
  • Summit Copy Page:
    • Another quick assignment, I quickly put together a copy for the Project Summit to on the AppSec EU page. This was a basic outline of what the summit is, how to register, and the cost (or lack thereof).
  • Intern Handbook 2014:
    • Samantha has asked me to put together the first Intern Handbook, to be completed and published by the end of this internship. At the close of this internship, I will have been with OWASP for a full year. As of now, I am working on an outline.
    • I have been taking notes on what I have accomplished and learned throughout the course of both of my internships, and I am hoping that I can actually put this experience into an adequate handbook.

Lessons Learned

  • Change is slow.

Additional Comments

  • My hours are back to normal.