Projects/Internships/Weekly Report 03 07 2014

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Projects and Programs Intern Weekly Report


  • Women in AppSec APAC:
    • Throughout the week I have been sending out social media messages on Facebook and Twitter about the extended deadline for the program. The new deadline ends today.
    • AppSec APAC is coming up in two weeks, and hopefully the winner will be announced next week. The Women in AppSec program will sponsor one winner to attend AppSec APAC, cover at least one training session and she will be required to do a 30 minute talk at the conference.
  • Open Source Showcase Promotion:
    • This year AppSec EU will be hosting the Open Source Showcase. Throughout the week I have been sending out Facebook messages and tweets for the call for submission to the OSS. The conference is in June in Cambridge and is looking for a handful of projects to showcase.
    • I will continue to tweet and send out messages about the OSS until the deadline. Please retweet and spread the word about the OSS.
  • OWASP Yasca Project:
    • This was a quick assignment; the Yasca project is in need of an interim project leader for a tools based working session. I put together a quick call to action to get some buzz about the Yasca project.
  • Update on Template Migration:
  • I have an update on the status of the new template migration. So far, only three projects have migrated to the new template without my or Samantha's assistance.
    • Starting on Monday, I will be sending out another round of emails reminding project leaders to migrate to the new template.
    • As always, I will be available to help with the migration, especially since I know many project leaders are busy with their day jobs and other projects. Feel free to contact me anytime if you would like me to migrate your project page to the new template.
  • Ohloh Repo Update:
    • A few weeks ago I sent out an email about putting project repos on Ohloh. So far, only three projects have created an Ohloh account.
    • Creating an Ohloh account takes minutes at most and is beneficial in keeping all OWASP projects' repos in one easily accessible place. Ohloh is not a repo itself, it's just a convenient place to link repos for easy access.
  • Graphic Designer Interviews:
    • Today I have been assisting Samantha with interviews for a new part-time graphic designer. So far I have sat in on two interviews and will continue to do so when I can until interviews are finished.
    • I was able to ask a couple of questions myself and to give my feedback on the candidates. There is some good talent to choose from.


  • I am discovering how slow to change project leaders are with the template migration and with Ohloh. A lot of changes are happening in OWASP, so let's hope people will be more open to change.
  • Scheduling tweets on TweetDeck is super efficient. Especially now that I have a part-time job to go and I can't tweet manually throughout the day.
  • Interviews are enjoyable, but I can imagine that Samantha is probably overloaded by them.


  • My "day job" hours are going to be a little odd. They have yet to actually set a schedule for me, and now they are telling me I'm only working 3 days a week. From now I will post my schedule when I know it to my weekly report. It's kind of a mess right now.