Projects/Internships/Weekly Report 01 10 2014

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Grants and Fundraising Intern Weekly Report

Currently Working On

  • Veterans Training Program and Grant
    • This week I wrote up a plan for the Veterans Training Program for the Blackstone Veterans Hiring Initiative Grant.
    • The program is aimed at building skills so that veterans can transition to civilian lives. The program I developed would involve participants in the program working on various OWASP projects, and going through a release cycle and ultimately presenting at AppSec USA.
    • After developing a basic outline of the program, I began working on the actual grant proposal preparation. This included setting up the template for the proposal, and adding in the information already decided upon.
    • I have successfully create a first draft, without a comprehensive budget and will continue to work on the grant proposal as the program ideas solidify.
      • Assignment on-going
  • Project Handbook 2014 Wiki
    • This was a very straightforward assignment in that I took the newly released version of the Project Handbook and wikified them for the OWASP site.
    • OWASP 2014 Project Handbook
      • Assignment complete'
  • New Banners
    • Another quick assignment, I added the newly designed banners to the marketing resources page. I included two new toolboxes for the large and small sized banners.
      • Assignment complete
  • Intern Review
    • Since this is the completion of the internship, I had to complete my self evaluation and then discussed my review with Samantha.

Lessons Learned

  • I'm still working on developing a budgets.

Additional Comments

  • This is my last report as the Grants and Fundraising intern. I learned so much and I am really thankful I had this opportunity. Starting January 20th I will starting my new position as the Projects and Programs intern and focusing more on the Veterans Training Program.