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Project Status

Code review guide 2.0 (CRV2) is an active project with progress being made weekly. Project has moved from Google documents to OWASP wiki pages. The Table of Contents (TOC) has been published to the leaders of OWASP for feedback. Some feedback as been given and the Leaders of CRV2 are aware changes might need to be made during the project life cycle before the project is finished and published. Additional authors and reviewers are still being sought and a few sub content of the TOC does not have an author assigned to it yet. Some Content is available on the Wiki.

Chapters Currently Being Worked On

▪ Chapters and sub content has been divided among individuals’ authors. ▪ Work on each individual content subject matter is being done in unison by all authors.

Budget Breakdown

  • Amount from DHS & Georgia Tech Grant: $2,333.00
  • Amount from Project Reboot: $5,000

Total: $7,333

Project Issues & Remedies

Two concerns are currently present. One is that individual authors have chosen to much content in the TOC and will not be able to deliver because of Family, work and other external pressures on their time. Second is authors have signed up for content but have dropped the project or lost interest without notifying project leaders.

Current remedies to both issues is to have project meetings where on project meeting a general meeting followed by two non general meetings with the non general meetings being focus on a section of the TOC. This way from author participation we can get a feel on what authors are able to contribute, or have dropped on the project.

Next Project Meeting Details

Meetings have been planned for the entire month of May 2013. Besides working on individual content work will continue on Wiki page to provide authors with additional information.