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Project Name OWASP Classic ASP Security Project
Short Project Description This project aims to create a secure framework for Classic ASP application by complementing existing OWASP projects with documentation for this particular technology and the creation of security libraries. More specifically:
  • Creation of a Common Object Repository for ASP applications based on OWASP ESAPI Project including objects and/or references to libraries for security applications all this aligned with OWASP Top10 and OWASP Guide .
  • Create Documentation aligned to OWASP Code Review Project Checklist providing additional technology-specific checks.
  • Addition of expression for Code Review Tool to support Classic ASP applications.
  • Implementation of Version 1 of Stinger for ASP either by using an installable COM library or ISAPI.
  • This same module will compliment the OWASP Validation Documentation Project.
Project key Information Project Leader
Juan Carlos Calderon
Project Contributors
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Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0
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if any

OWASP Enterprise Security API