Podcast 41

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OWASP Podcast Series #41

OWASP Interview with David Rice
Recorded August 6, 2009
Published September 26, 2009

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  • David Rice, is an internationally recognized information security professional and an accomplished educator and visionary. For a decade he has advised, counseled, and defended global IT networks for government and private industry. David has been awarded by the U.S. Department of Defense for “significant contributions” advancing security of critical national infrastructure and global networks. Additionally, David has authored numerous IT security courses and publications, teaches for the prestigious SANS Institute, and has served as adjunct faculty at James Madison University. He is a frequent speaker at information security conferences and currently Director of The Monterey Group.


  • How Dave got his start in cybersecurity
  • Why Dave thinks software assurance is more important than "traditional" cybersecurity.
  • Daves' role at the Cyber Consequences Unit.
  • The mistaken etiology of cybersecurity.
  • The problem with PCI.
  • What Would Dave Do (WWDD) if he was the National Cyber Coordinator.
  • and much, much more...