Podcast 1

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Recorded November 21, 2008

Recap OWASP EU Summit

- Jeremiah gave up on browser security
- Robert bailed on the summit
- Talked with Adobe rep
- Figured out the charter for ISWG
- Press coverage is hilarious

Builder vs Breaker

- is this a real skill gap?
- easier to build/defend
- fixing stuff is boring (kuza55)

We've reached Application Security Tipping Point

- Chris Wysopal (Zero in a bit)
- Attacks are getting simpler (and we're barely fixing old vulns)
- Assets are moving more and more to the web
- New technology  =  make all same mistakes again
- Aspect never wanted to be NGS - but everything is broken
- Just this morning, hilarious SSO product bypass (thats all we'll say, not method/verb tampering)

Canonicalization is a nightmare

- mod_security turns off Unicode validation by default
- another commercial WAF bypassable by default with invalid UTF-8
- any byte-based validation is failure on the web (or unmanaged langs)

Securing WebGoat with mod_security

- Summer of Code project with Stephen Craig Evans
- very interesting Lua scripting capability
- stateful WAFing is possible with Lua