People, Process, and Technology: OWASP Impact on the SwA Processes and Practices Working Group

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The presentation

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Application security is an evolving field, and one that gets more complex each day as the threats and challenges increase. By integrating traditional process-improvement methods with application security considerations, rather than viewing application security as an afterthought, organizations establish the foundation to deliver security continuously throughout the lifecycle. This presentation will highlight the positive impact that OWASP efforts have had on the SwA Processes and Practices Working Group efforts to increase the adoption of application security practices through the use of people, process, and technology.

Michele Moss

Michele Co-Chair’s the DHS Software Assurance Working Group on Processes & Practices. She specializes in integrating security processes and practices into project lifecycles. She led the creation of the Assurance PRM for CMMI and has been working with the SwA community to find viable ways to benchmark SwA practices.