Operational Administrative Assistant

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Quick outline of administrative tasks the Ops Team would hand off to part time contractor:

Assigning owasp.org email addresses to members and project leaders after verifying they are current paid members

Creating membership cards and distributing them via email.

Setting up new chapters and student chapters using the “how to” guidelines

Preparing data lists for import/export

Updating reports for public domain according to a predetermined schedule.

Updating google docs as appropriate

Miscellaneous other tasks as vetted & assigned by Kate and Sarah

Additional Comments:

Contractor would submit weekly time sheet of hours worked and tasks accomplished

Starting rate of $8.00 - work to be reviewed after 60 days for consideration of raise

Maximum 20/hours per week

Submit schedule of when working (days and times) to Ops Team

Participate in bi weekly calls

Work channeled through Kate for efficiency and quality.