OpenSAMM Adopters

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List of Organizations Using OpenSAMM

Organization Name Contact Role Organization Type (*) Region Testimonial
Dell, Inc. Michael J. Craigue Information Security & Compliance Technology US is a valuable resource for any company involved with online payment card transactions. Dell uses OWASP’s Software Assurance Maturity Model (OpenSAMM) to help focus our resources and determine which components of our secure application development program to prioritize. Participation in OWASP’s local chapter meetings and conferences around the globe helps us build stronger networks with our colleagues.
KBC Johan Jacobs ICT Department Head Banking Europe -
Gotham Digital Science Matt Bartoldus Co-Founder & Director Security services Global SAMM has defined the building blocks for effective software security assurance… Our clients can use the model to see what needs to be done and what skills and resources are needed to do the job. Best of all, businesses can use SAMM to quantify results and improvements by assessing practices against SAMM activities.
Fortify Software Brian Chess Founder & Chief Scientist Security services Global These days people understand that security has to be built in–it can’t be bolted on. But for many a big question remains: what does it take to build secure software? SAMM tackles that question head on with a framework for creating and growing a software security initiative. SAMM has focused the way I think about the human side of the software security problem.
ING Insurance International Rob Moes IT Security Manager Insurance Europe Within ING Insurance International we adopted SAMM as it is a practical standard which provides guidance to build an Secure Application Development organization in clear and distinctive steps.
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