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! scope="col" | App Name / Link
! scope="col" | Technology
! scope="col" | Other links
! scope="col" | Author
! scope="col" | Notes
| [http://www.badstore.net/ BadStore ]
| [http://www.badstore.net/ BadStore ]

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App Name / Link Technology Other links Author Notes
BadStore ISO download
Bee-Box bWAPP VMware
Broken Web Applications Project (BWA) VMware download OWASP
Drunk Admin Web Hacking Challenge VMware download
Exploit.co.il Vuln Web App VMware download
GameOver VMware download
Hackxor VMware download hints&tips
Hacme Bank Prebuilt VM VMware download
Kioptrix4 VMware & Hyper-V download
LAMPSecurity VMware download doc
Metasploitable VMware download doc
Metasploitable 2 VMware download
Moth VMware download
PentesterLab - The Exercises ISO & PDF
PHDays I-Bank VMware download
Samurai WTF ISO - list download
Sauron  Quemu solutions
Virtual Hacking Lab ZIP download
Web Security Dojo VMware, VirtualBox download
WordPress CD VirtualBox download ethicalhack3r WPScan
XXE VMware download