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This is a (reverse) chronological summary of recent updates to OWASP projects and initiatives.

It was initially based on information posted to the OWASP Leaders list and OWASP blog.

It was created in order to provide one place to get a list of recent updates suitable for including in an OWASP chapter meeting introduction.

Please update it will any events you feel are missing.

Event and link
2012 July 15 OWASP Broken Web Applications Project VM version 1.0rc2
2012 June 15 Projects reboot first round: Development Guide, CISO Guide, ZAP and Mobile Project chosen
2012 May 28 OWASP Project Manager job
2012 May 25 Marketing RFP
2012 May 22 Project reboot
2012 May 14 JAAS Cheatsheet
2012 May 10 Mantra Security Toolkit - beta 0.91
2012 April 27 Web Goat 5.4
2012 April 12 Google Summer of Code
2012 April 9 Zed Attack Proxy 1.4.0
2012 March 14 Security 101 list

Events older that 6 months are likely to be deleted.