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OWASP Tiger is a Windows application originally intented to be used for automating the process of testing variuous known ASP.NET security issues in hosted environments. However, it is much more versatile than that: it can help you construct and send a HTTP requests, receive and analyze the responses, match them against a set of conditions to produce alerts, notifications that something is wrong with the application(s) or service(s) being tested.


Tiger's goals are quite simple:

  • Provide a simple way to create HTTP or HTTPS requests. You can define these using a very simple to use GUI.
  • Provide a simple, but flexible way of analyzing the responses automatically. You can define sets of rules that are to be applied to responses using a user friendly conditioin editor.
  • Allow for easy sharing and reuse of tests. You can save your test projects, send them to other Tiger users and even create templates that new Tiger projects can be based upon.

New project dialog.png

Figure 1: Tiger's New Project dialog

Condition complete.png

Figure 2: Tiger's Condition Editor


Tiger is not yet available for download.

You can download the Tiger source code from code.

User Manual

Tiger user manual is available here.

Future Development

Hopefully, the future development of OWASP Tiger will be twofold:

  • Tiger itself
  • Project templates for various well known Web applications (i.e. your favorite portal, forum, blog etc.)