OWASP Testing Project v3 Review Roadmap

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This page track all the update to the Testing Guide v3 during the Reviewing phase.

In particular the focus is:
- Review the content of each article
- Review the english sintax
- no "attacker", better "tester"
- no "we describe", but "it is described"

Official Testing Guide Reviewers are:

  • Nam Nguyen
  • Kevin R.Fuller
  • if you want to review it add your name please and keep track of updating

Nam Review:

Aug 31, 2008

  • Appendix D
  • Appendix C
  • Appendix B
  • Appendix A
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 4
    • Section 4.11 Testing for AJAX Vulnerabilities
      • There are mentioning of "attackers" but I think they are fine.
      • The subsection on Memory leaks is not complete.
    • Section 4.11 Testing for AJAX
      • The subsection "Intercepting and Debugging JS code with Browsers" is very difficult to understand. I tried to fix it, but I'm afraid what I have might not reflect what the original author wanted to express.

Sep 02, 2008

  • Chapter 4
    • Section 4.10
      • Subsection Testing for WS Replay Gray box testing and examples gives incomplete sample code. I believe the call to GetSessionIDMac() missed four parameters. In this same part, using SSL helps in preventing replay attack but it doesnt prevent replay attack by itself. In this same subection, the images show identifiable real Internet address in Hungary, should them be masked off?

Sep 04, 2008

  • Chapter 4
    • Section 4.9
    • Section 4.8
      • I'm not sure if format string could be classified under subsection 4.8.14 "Buffer overflow testing".
      • Subsecion 4.8.3: Incomplete
      • Subsection 4.8.4: Incomplete
      • Subsection 4.8.5: What is "data-plane input"?

Sep 06, 2008

  • Chapter 4
    • Section 4.8

Sep 07, 2008

  • Chapter 4
    • Section 4.7
    • Section 4.6
      • Subsection 4.6.1: "Review code for path traversal" does not exist in the Code Review Guide, or the link the broken.

Kevin Review:

articles reviewed

articles reviewed

Questions: (Mat will answer it)