OWASP Summit UALG 1 Day Conference

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OWASP Joint Event at Portuguese Algarve Portugal - November 3

OWASP_Logo.gif and logo_ualg.jpg have teamed up to deliver a 1 day conference at the Algarve University.

Monday, November 3rd, 2008
09:30 About OWASP , Tour of OWASP Projects and Initiatives - Dinis Cruz
10:15 The Internet is Broken! (Clickjacking, DNS Rebinding, DNS Cache Poisoning, XSRF & others) - Dinis Cruz
11:15 OWASP Projects: Top 10, Legal Contract, Testing Guide, Developer Guide, Code Review, Webgoat - Leonardo Cavallari
12:00 OWASP Seasons of Code Grants (250k on the last 2 years) - Paulo Coimbra
12:30 - 13:30 lunch break
13:30 OWASP Projects: ESAPI, ASDR, CLASP (SDL), ISWG Browser Security and Web Application Security Framework - Frederick Donovan
14:15 AJAX Security and using Spraxaj to test it - Dan Cornell
15:00 OWASP Projects: Internationalization, Education, Certification and OWASP Books - Juan Calderon
15:30 Guided tour to OWASP’s NewYork AppSec 08 CTF (Capture the Flag) - Dan Guido (TBC)
16:30 Panel: OWASP and Portuguese Public & Private Organizations - How to work together & 2009 outsourcing opportunities - TBC
17:00 Surprise talk - TBC