OWASP Summer of Code 2008 Press Release

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Work in Progress - Not for Immediate Release

London, United Kingdom, March 1, 2008

OWASP Summer of Code 2008 - Sponsorship Initiative and Membership Drive

  • SoC 08 is an open sponsorship program were participants/developers are paid to work on OWASP (and web security) related projects.
  • The SoC 08 is also an opportunity for external individual or company sponsors to challenge the participants/developers to work in areas in which they are willing to invest additional funding, provided that these areas are relevant and beneficial to the OWASP community.
  • The initial Budget for SoC 08 will be $10,000 USD, and it is funded by OWASP using current membership fees and profits from past conferences. In parallel with the Request for Proposals, OWASP would like to invite individuals and companies that benefit from OWASP projects to join OWASP as a member. In addition to the current Membership benefits, the new OWASP members will be able to allocate membership fees to SoC 08 projects they are interested in (for example SPI Dynamics is sponsoring the OWASP SiteGenerator project).
  • There are no geographical, age or any other form of restrictions to who can apply for an "OWASP SoC of Code 2008" sponsorship. The only requirement is that the candidate shows the potential to accomplish the project's objectives and the commitment to dedicate the time required to complete it in the allocated time frame (projects must be completed by 30th July 2008).
  • Prospective candidates should visit SoC 08 page for more information.


  • 1st March – SoC 2008 season of code is officially launched. Start date for submitting applications.
  • 25th March - Deadline for project applications.
  • 2nd April – Publishing of selected applications and start of SoC 08 projects.
  • 30th May - Participants to report on project status.
  • 30th July - SoC 08 project completion. Participants should deliver final project report.


  • The "OWASP SoC of Code 2008" project leader Dinis Cruz and project manager Paulo Coimbra, both based in London - UK, can be contacted for further details.


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