OWASP Stinger 3 Ideas

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The OWASP Stinger 3.x series will be heavily driven by the community. Everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and suggestions to make Stinger 3.x the most powerful and flexible web application firewall as possible. One major goal of the OWASP Stinger 3.x series is to develop a commercial quality product. With the help of the community, I believe this goal can be achieved!

Under Development

The following is a list of ideas currently under development in the Stinger 3.x baseline:

  • Validation of the entire HTTP request: including URI, headers, cookies, and parameters
  • A robust "learning" mode to make rule generation simplistic and efficient.

Planning to Develop

The following is a list of ideas that will be integrated into the Stinger 3.x baseline:

  • A full web application dedicated to editing the OWASP Stinger configuration files
  • A more flexible "Action" framework. Actions will be able to execute logic before and/or after the request is processed by the web application
  • The ability to enforce web application firewall logic
  • Defining and enforcing URI level access control
  • Cross Site Request Forgery Guard
  • HTTP Cookie Guard
  • No-Cache Guard
  • 200 Response Codes (fooling web application scanners)
  • Request Rate Throttler
  • Enforce HttpOnly on all cookies

Ideas Under Consideration

The following is a list of ideas that are under consideration for the Stinger 3.x baseline:

  • The ability to validate the Java properties files used by the web application
  • The ability to to build rules for and validate rules against serialized objects

If you have an idea that you would like seen in Stinger 3.x, please email me at eric dot sheridan at owasp.org