OWASP Spring Of Code 2007 - Projects

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All SpoC Projects

SpoC Project Name Author Confirmed Status Coordinated by
The OWASP Web Security Certification Framework Mark Curphey Yes 45% OWASP Board
SqlMap Bernardo Damele Yes 60% (to review) Dinis Cruz
OWASP Site Generator Boris Yes 0% Dinis Cruz
Attacks Reference Guide NSRAV Security Research Group Yes 0% TBA
The Scholastic Application Security Assessment Project Eric Sheridan and

Dr. Goran Trajkovski

Yes 0% TBA
Inspekt: Input filtering and validation library for PHP Ed Finkler Yes 50% (to review) Andrew v d Stock
Code review Project Eoin Keary Yes 25% Dinis Cruz
OWASP Certification Project Matteo Meucci Yes 0% Dinis Cruz
OWASP Education Project Sebastien Deleersnyder Yes 30% Dinis Cruz
OWASP The Anti-Samy Project Arshan Dabirsiaghi Yes 0% TBA
Security throughout the SDLC Keith Casey Yes 0% TBA
OWASP WebGoat Solutions Guide Erwin Geirnaert Yes 90% Jeff Williams
OWASP WeBekci Project Bunyamin Demir Yes 0% Ivan Ristic (TBC)
Python Tainted Mode Denis Yes 0% TBA
WebScarab NG Security Test Automation Darren Edmonds Yes 0% Jeff Williams
Refresh Attacks list Przemyslaw 'rezos' Skowron Yes 0% TBA
Best Practices & Countermeasures Jim Yes 0% TBA
OWASP brand Paulo Coimbra Yes 0% Dinis Cruz
Web Application Security put into practice Heiko Webers Yes 60% TBA
OWASP JBroFuzz Project Subere Yes 0% TBA
Owasp Orizon Project Paolo Perego Yes 45% Dinis Cruz
Enigform: Firefox Addon for OpenPGP signing of HTTP requests Arturo (Buanzo) Busleiman Yes 70% (to review) Dinis Cruz
OWASP LiveCD Education Project Josh Sweeney Yes 50% Eoin Keary
OWASP Java Project Erwin Geirnaert Yes 0% Jeff Williams
OWASP LiveCD Project Joshua Perrymon Yes 0% Eoin Keary
Interim @ Aspect Offices Andy Gocke Yes 0% Jeff Williams
10x 1000USD to FOSS projects we all use (tbd) No 0% Dinis Cruz
Help with SpoC project management Paulo Coimbra Yes 0% Dinis Cruz