OWASP Software Security Assurance Process

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The OWASP Software Security Assurance Process (OSSAP) main intent is to embed security in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). OSSAP reduces the possibility of requirement oversights, design flaws, implementation bugs and deployment configuration mistakes during the SDLC. This project outlines mandatory and recommended processes and practices to manage risks associated with applications. What is exactly Software Assurance? Software assurance is defined as the level of confidence that software is free from vulnerabilities, either intentionally designed into the software or accidentally inserted at any time during its life cycle, and that the software functions in the intended manner. Reference: mitre.org

  • Project Roadmap
  • OSSAP Sub-Processess
  • Mapping OSSAP to OpenSAMM

OWASP Software Security Assurance Processess

  • Software Security Integration in the SDLC Process
  • Security Requirements Identification Process
  • Design Security Review Process
  • Architecture Security Review Process
  • Security Code Review Process
  • Security Testing Process
  • Deployment Security Review Process
  • Release Security Review Process

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Name: OWASP Software Security Assurance Process (home page)
Purpose: To outlines mandatory and recommended processes and practices to manage risks associated with applications. Software Security is equally dependent on people, processes and technology. The effectiveness of the OWASP Software Security Process is continuously measured and is improved through feedback, threat landscape changes, availability of new concepts and tools. Should be the framework to map Requirements, Dev and Testing guidelines for example.
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