OWASP Shared Intel License

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FAQ Explanation
Purpose As it stands OWASP is pushing to get projects back up and running.

However there are all kinds of cases of use we would probably rather not be associated with
There is also a lot of work going into these projects and attribution should be paid where due
It is a License to Protect, Promote and Encourage Open Source Projects and Intel while not leaving
Contributors feeling like they are fading into the background or have gone unnoticed

Is it Copyright? Not at all, its very much "Copyleft" and probably most similar to the AGPL with attribution but for our data sensitive industry.
In my country
we have different laws
This is meant to be a constantly updated license to reflect our fast changing world

as such if anyone needs anything added please contact me at samuel.aldis@owasp.org for amendments

OWASP Shared Intel License 1.0.0

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Still very much a working document