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OWASP SeraphimDroid project goal is to provide information about threats and risks on Android devices. This will be done trough documentations about various risk coming mainly from application permissions and trough android application that will inform users about risks.
=Project About=
=Project About=

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Project About

What does this OWASP project offer you?
What releases are available for this project?
what is this project?
Name: OWASP SeraphimDroid Project (home page)
Purpose: SeraphimDroid is educational application for android devices that helps users learn about risks and threats coming from other android applications. SeraphimDroid scans your devices and teaches you about risks and threats coming from application permissions. Also this project will deliver paper on android permissions, their regular use, risks and malicious use. In second version SeraphimDroid will evolve to application firewall for android devices not allowing malicious SMS or MMS to be sent, USSD codes to be executed or calls to be called without user permission and knowledge.

Project development is done on GitHub: https://github.com/nikolamilosevic86/owasp-seraphimdroid

License: GNU GPL v3 License (allows commercial use, but requires that modifications to your code stay open source, thus prohibiting proprietary forks of your project)
who is working on this project?
Project Leader(s):
  • Nikola Milošević @
Project Contributor(s):
  • Aleksandar Abu Samra
  • Chetan Karande
  • Ali Tekeoglu
how can you learn more?
Project Pamphlet: Not Yet Created
Project Presentation:
Mailing list: Mailing List Archives
Project Roadmap: View
Key Contacts
  • Contact Nikola Milošević @ to contribute to this project
  • Contact Nikola Milošević @ to review or sponsor this project
  • Contact the GPC to report a problem or concern about this project or to update information.
current release
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last reviewed release
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