OWASP Security Blitz

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OWASP is starting a monthly security blitz where we will rally the security community around a particular topic. The topic may be a vulnerability, defensive design approach, technology or even a methodology. All members of the security community are encouraged to write blog posts, articles, patches to tools, videos etc in the spirit of the current monthly topic. Our goal is to show a variety of perspectives on the topic from the different perspectives of builders, breakers and defenders.

Monthly Security Topics

  • 2012 - April - SQL Injection
  • 2012 - May - Cross Site Scripting
  • 2012 - June - Access Control
  • 2012 - July - Mobile Security
  • 2012 - August - Threat Modeling


Please add links to any stories, posts, articles, etc that are related to the current month

May - Cross Site Scripting

  1. OWASP XSS Prevention Cheat Sheet (Builder)
  2. XSS cheat sheet (Breaker)
  3. Content Security Policy (Builder)
  4. Dom Based XSS
  5. Dom Based XSS Prevention Cheat Sheet