OWASP Project Summit 2014/Remote Participation

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Remote participation will be key for the success of this Projects Summit. Ideally we should should have 10x remote attendees (vs local attendees), since that allows project leaders, contributors and users that cannot make it to the conference (or will arrive late) to also participate. Remote participation at the summit will be dependent on whether we get at least 10 remote participants registered before the event. If we do not, then we will drop this aspect of the summit for 2014.

Starting with the basics here is what will be needed:

  • Good Internet connectivity (ideally dedicated, but that will have further costs)
  • Local moderators
  • Streaming technology (in both video, audio and text)
  • Sharing tools (virtual docs, whiteboards,etc..)
  • Registration system for remote participates
  • Schedule for remote participants