OWASP Project Manager Activity Reports/January 14 2013

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OWASP Project Manager Report

Work accomplished since December 10, 2012

  • Project Numbers
    • Active Projects: 124
    • Inactive Projects: 67

Project Manager Q1 2013 Objectives

  1. Continue grant funding research: Target $150 K in 2013.
  2. Finalize and Implement New Project Infrastructure processes.
  3. Coordinate OSS and OWASP Track documentation, guidelines, and processes as they apply to Global AppSec Conferences. (Ongoing for 2013)
  4. Increase Sales Force use for project management.
  5. Complete and Launch Projects page.
  6. Finalise the Project Leader Handbook.

Currently Working On

  • Grant Opportunities Recap & Updates
    • Guidebooks Proposal: We are in the process of invoicing for this grant award. We will be given the funds in 3 instalments over the course of the project.
    • Amount: $25,000
    • ESAPI Proposal: Deb, our DHS representative, has let me know that this proposal is still under review.
    • Amount: $25,000
    • Google Grants: We have been accepted into the Google Grants scheme. I am waiting to hear back from the Google for Non-Profits team for confirmation of the award.
    • Amount: $120,000 a year in Google Adwords Money
    • ModSecurity Proposal: Ryan and I are working together to develop the first draft of the proposal.
  • AppSec APAC 2013: Planning
    • We have now selected our two OPT speakers.
    • Dennis Groves: OWASP AppSensor the future of Application Security.
    • Jim Manico: Using ESAPI for Java to Build Secure Web Applications.
    • They are both registered, and have their travel arrangements sorted.
  • New Project Web Page
    • The new Project Page design is now complete.
    • Please review the page, and note down any comments, changes, etc.
    • I have received great feedback from the OWASP Board. Thank you.
    • I will send this out to the Leader's List today after our call.
  • Projects Handbook 2013
    • The Projects Handbook is almost complete.
    • Please review when you get the opportunity, and provide feedback on the last draft.
    • I plan to make this live with the Projects Page.
    • Simon Bennetts is presenting ZAP.
    • We have been successful with our stand application.
    • Seba and Martin Knobloch will be helping coordinate the OWASP stand.
    • Event: February 2nd & 3rd, Brussels, Belgium.
    • We are working together to get OWASP branded material for the event.

Important GPC Meeting Outcomes and Discussion Points

  1. GPC Meeting: November 16 2012 Project Manager Report
  2. GPC Meeting: November 30 2012 Project Manager Report
  3. GPC Meeting: December 07 2012 Project Manager Report
  4. Part-Time Project Support Volunteer Role for Guidebook Projects: The final applicant count was 14 volunteers. I am currently processing the applications, and I will allocate roles come next week.
  5. FOSDEM: The application for a stand was submitted this week. If we get the stand, Seba and Martin K. will manage it for OWASP.
  6. Nishi: Will touch base with Matt Tesauro regarding the wiki file size requirement.
  7. Question for Justin: Have you spoken to James Greenberg from AppSec Labs? Have they come to a decision regarding their license choice, and whether they are choosing to continue as an OWASP Project?
  8. Question: Do we have criteria that measures whether a project is active or not?: Answer: The OpsTeam is working on creating an e-mail through Salesforce that will ask all current 'Active' project leaders to give us a status update. Additionally, it will give them an opportunity to update their information.
  9. Active Project Criteria: We discussed the idea of requiring project leaders to send us an update every six months, or annually. The aim is to make sure a project is still active.
  10. Project Update required information would be something along the lines of: Update the wiki with links and announcements, a summary of what you have accomplished, and a summary of your future plans.