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OWASP Points are a system that allows us to recognize individual participation in OWASP. The system is designed to be distributed and self nominated.

  • Each Global Committee will establish it's own criteria for assigning points for participation in the committee's area of responsibility
  • The OWASP Board will establish points for areas outside committee areas of responsibility
  • The Committee chairs and a board rep will meet as needed (at least quarterly) to normalize the point values
  • OWASP Members will have the ability to self nominate for points
  • Each Committee will be responsible for providing overnight of points claimed under their areas

Members can self-nominate for points by adding the associated "Badge" to their wiki user account. It is the intention of the point system that any individual who reaches a total of 100 Points. At the beginning of each year, half of all member points will be carried over to the next calendar year.

For example (add example of me in here and how many points would carry)


Activity Points Badge Board
Be an OWASP Board Member 200 per year Board
Be an OWASP Global Committee Member 100 per year Board
Lead an OWASP Project 10 per project Projects
Bring a project to Beta Status 15 points per project Projects


  • Bring in an OWASP Corporate Member - 10 points
  • Bring in an OWASP Educational Member - 8 points


  • Develop an OWASP Course - 10 points
  • Teach an OWASP Course - 5 points
  • Speak at an OWASP Event - 2 pts/talk


  • Pitch OWASP at an industry event - 2 pts/talk
  • Honestly, I don't have good insight here


  • Be an active (4 mtgs/year) chapter leader - 10 pts/year
  • Serve on a chapter board - 5 pts/year
  • Start/Restart a chapter - 10 pts
  • Speak at a chapter meeting - 2 pts


  • Organize an OWASP Summit - 50 points
  • Edit/produce the newsletter - 4 points
  • Contribute an article to the newsletter - 2 points