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=== Documentation ===
=== Documentation ===
* https://www.o2-ounceopen.com/files-binaries-source-and-demo/ossad/OSSAD_Security-Static-Analysis-tool_v-0.15Draft.odt
* https://www.o2-ounceopen.com/files-binaries-source-and-demo/ossad/OSSAD_Security-Static-Analysis-tool_v-0.15Draft.pdf
=== Copyright ===  
=== Copyright ===  

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OSSAD stands for One Security Static Analyzer per Developer



The current version has been developed by Stephen Craig Evans who assigned the copyright to OWASP

"I assign the copyright of the OSSAD static analysis tool to OWASP and I will release its code under Apache 2.0 (Open Source license) and the documents under Creative Commons 3.0 License.

Stephen Craig Evans November 15, 2009

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