OWASP O2 Platform/Microsoft/CAT.NET

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current O2 support

  • Dedicated O2 Module O2_Scanner_MsCatNet with support for
    • finding target dlls (recursive search on local directories)
    • triggering scans
    • converting CAT.NET Results into O2's Findings schema



other relevant links

related blog posts


  • Assessment and Protection Suite -"... Anil Revuru (RV) and Mark Curphey, from Microsoft Information Security, introduce what would be in the future a suite of tools that will help you assess your code as well as protect it. This is called the Assessment & Protection (A&P) Suite and it includes the following tools: Web Protection Library (WPL) – which includes Anti-XSS, SRE, mitigation of SQL Injection, CSRF among others CAT.NET Web Application Configuration Analyzer (WACA) and room for more future add-ons ..."
  • MSDN Webcast: Managing Cross-Site Scripting Using CAT.NET and AntiXSS (Level 200)

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