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== DOWNLOAD O2 ==  
== DOWNLOAD O2 ==  
'''Latest Release: 10th July 2010 - v1.1 Beta''':  [http://www.o2platform.com/wiki/O2_Release/v1.2_Beta See screenshots here]
'''Latest Release: 16h October 2010 - v1.5 Beta''':  [http://www.o2platform.com/wiki/O2_Release/v1.2_Beta See screenshots here]
'''Windows Installer''': ([http://o2platform.googlecode.com/files/OWASP%20O2%20Platform%20%28ClickOnce%20Installer%29.exe OWASP O2 Platform (v1.4 Beta) (ClickOnce Installer] ) for the latest version of the OWASP O2 platform version
'''Windows Installer''': ([http://o2platform.googlecode.com/files/OWASP%20O2%20Platform%20%28ClickOnce%20Installer%29.exe OWASP O2 Platform (v1.4 Beta) (ClickOnce Installer] ) for the latest version of the OWASP O2 platform version

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Welcome to OWASP O2 Platform project.

The O2 platform represents a new paradigm for how to perform, document and distribute Web Application security reviews.

O2 is designed to Automate Security Consultants Knowledge and Workflows and to Allow non-security experts to access and consume Security Knowledge


Latest Release: 16h October 2010 - v1.5 Beta: See screenshots here

Windows Installer: (OWASP O2 Platform (v1.4 Beta) (ClickOnce Installer ) for the latest version of the OWASP O2 platform version

O2Download Button 6 22 2010 7 07 03 PM tmp9E0.jpg

'Requirements:: Windows and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Source code: The source code for the O2 Platform is availabled for download via SVN at https://code.google.com/p/o2platform/source/checkout

O2-Platform.com website (external to owasp)

For more details on the O2 Platform see http://www.o2-platform.com website which currently being used to host the help files and documentation pages.


Mailing list

The best place to keep updated with the lastest news and developers it to subscribe to the OWASP O2 Platform Mailing list (you can read its archives here )

Project About

{{Template:{{{1}}} | project_name = OWASP O2 Platform Project | project_home_page = OWASP O2 Platform | project_description = Collection of Open Source modules that help Web Application Security Professionals to maximize their efforts and quickly obtain high visibility into an application's security profile. NOTE: most of the O2 Platform content is still on the external website

| project_license = Apache License, Version 2.0

| leader_name1 = Dinis Cruz | leader_email1 = Dinis.cruz@owasp.org | leader_username1 = Dinis.cruz

| contributor_name[1-10] = | contributor_email[1-10] = | contributor_username[1-10] =

| pamphlet_link =

| presentation_link =

| mailing_list_name = https://lists.owasp.org/mailman/listinfo/owasp-o2-platform

| project_road_map = http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_O2_Platform_Project_-_Roadmap

| links_url1 = http://o2platform.com | links_name1 = O2Platform.com website (external to OWASP)

| links_url2 = https://github.com/o2platform/O2_Install/zipball/master | links_name2 = Windows Installer for OWASP O2 Platform

| links_url3 = https://github.com/o2platform | links_name3 = Source code for OWASP O2 Platform via GitHub

| release_1 = O2 Platform v4.0

| release_2 =

| release_3 =

| release_4 = | project_about_page = Projects/OWASP O2 Platform Project }}