OWASP Newsletter Questions

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Below are the questions asked in Lorna Alamr's email (for reference see the previous OWASP Newsletters here: Category:OWASP_Newsletter:

To put together a newsletter I have several questions which should be answered prior to my picking out a newsletter editing tool and putting together a draft newsletter. I'll also need a date to hit for delivery of the 1st newsletter. (I work best with deadlines)

  • How often will newsletter be sent out?
    • Monthly
    • Every other month
    • Quarterly
{put answers here}
  • Newsletter Format?
    • HTML
    • Plain Text
    • Other-Please specify
{put answers here}
  • Newsletter Ads - will we have and how should they be formatted?

{put answers here}

  • Will it be hosted on the OWASP site?
    • If so, what it the link?
    • Will there be an archive?
{put answers here}
  • Will the newsletter be Sponsored?
    • One sponsor for the year?
    • Per issue?
    • Logo format
 {put answers here} 
  • Who will receive the newsletter?
{put answers here}
  • Event linking
    • National
    • International
    • How many months out
    • Link or plain text
      • If link: what information you want? Ie: For More information or the link address www.owasp.org/e....
{put answers here}
  • Focus of Newsletter
    • Chapter meetings
    • Project Announcements
    • Membership promotion
    • Technical Tips
    • Awareness
    • OWASP in the news- links to outside articles on OWASP
    • Other suggestions?
{put answers here}
  • OWASP Colors:
{put answers here}
  • OWASP Fonts:
{put answers here}
  • Reporting and tracking - do you want this functionality?
{put answers here}