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OWASP Newsletter 9

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Sent to owasp-all mailing list on ?? May 2007

OWASP Newsletter #9 (1-May-2007)

Welcome to the 9th OWASP Newsletter, tbd ...

If you have any content to add to the next edition, feel free to add it directly to its WIKI page (OWASP Newsletter 10).

Sebastien Deleersnyder

Belgium Chapter Leader

Featured Item: SpoC2007 Selections

To be filled in by Dinis

Featured Item: 6th AppSec Conference

The agenda for the 6th Application Security Conference May 15-17 in Milan has been set, the dinner location determined, and all the details are coming together. Please check out the updated details at:

Featured (non-OWASP) Project: Security Through Scrutiny: Java Open Review Project

A joint project from the Findbugs group and Fortify Software is examining open source components for security and quality defects. The project, accessible at, allows participants to:

  • submit projects to be scanned with Findbugs and Fortify Source Code Analysis suite
  • help review potential defects through the online code review interface
  • keep track of project defects as they are uncovered and fixed by the open source community
  • receive tips on performing code reviews for security defects

The project is open to all Java open source projects and any person that wants to contribute, either through code reviews, project submissions, or project feedback. Current projects include: Tomcat, Jforums, Azureus, Nuxeo, Spring, Struts, select OWASP projects, and more!

People are encouraged to visit the site: for more details or stop by the Fortify/Findbugs demo booth at JavaOne 2007. Project owners that are interested in being featured can email: openaudit <at> fortifysoftware <dot> com

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