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OWASP Newsletter #8 (17-Apr-2007)

A bit later than normal, welcome to the 8th OWASP Newsletter, featuring the OWASP Spring Of Code 2007, details on the 6th AppSec Conference, the Code Review Project, the WeBekci Project and the OWASP Code Review Project is seeking for volunteers.

Note that we also scan blogs for OWASP references.

If you have any content to add to the next edition, feel free to add it directly to its WIKI page (OWASP Newsletter 9).

Sebastien Deleersnyder

Belgium Chapter Leader

Featured Item: OWASP Spring Of Code 2007

We have received lots of OWASP Spring Of Code 2007 Applications! The submission period is now closed. The OWASP board is now evaluating the proposals and will publish the results as soon as possible.

Featured Item: Milan (Italy) Conference Agenda details!

Join us for our 6th AppSec Conference May 15-17 in Milan, Italy. Microsoft will be presenting "The Benefits of the SDL initiative to Microsoft and its Customers" and there will be expert talks on Web Services Security, Securing AJAX, the Microsoft Secure Development Lifecycle, all the new OWASP projects, and much more.

Featured Project: OWASP Code Review Project

The OWASP Code Review project was concieved by Eoin Keary the OWASP Ireland Founder and Chapter Lead. We are actively seeking techies to add new sections as new web technologies emerge. Need help on this one, don't be shy, all help appreciated.

View the OWASP Code Review Project Roadmap.

Featured Project: OWASP WeBekci Project

WeBekci is a web based ModSecurity 2.x management tool. WeBekci is written in PHP, Its backend is powered by MySQL and the frontend by XAJAX framework. It will remove management overhead of ModSecurity 2.x. You can configure modsecurity.conf, add special rules and watch system, apache and modsecurity logs (only guardianlog has been implemented in this version).

Web Application Security Metrics Survey Participants Needed

Since meaningful web application security metrics are very lacking, the Web Application Security Metrics seeks to identify and provide the web application security community with a basic set of application security metrics that have been found by contributors to be effective in measuring web application security effectiveness.

Since this Project was launched, it has proven to be challenging to get survey participants (e.g., customers too busy or have no metrics). As a result, Bob Austin (the project leader) is turning directly to you:the OWASP community. He would be very grateful to OWASP members who are willing to take 30 minutes to complete a survey with him by phone (and/or to support collection of metric data from an organization you support). The key data he seeks is as follows:

  • Description of Metric,
  • why the metric was created,
  • how the metric is created,
  • source of the data used to produce the metric,
  • and how is the metric used.

Bob can be contacted at austinb <at> korelogic <dot> com or +1.804.379.4656

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