OWASP Newsletter 6

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OWASP Newsletter #6

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OWASP Top 10 update??

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XML Gateway Eval Project? This OWASP Project defines an open standard for evaluating XML Security Gateways. This criteria will provide the OWASP community a set of standard evaluation criteria to assess the functionality and quality of XML Security Gateways. The main driver for this project is to reduce the confusion and complexity in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of solutions in this the XML Security space, and enlightening the community as to the utility of XML Security Gateways to deliver a number of valuable security services.

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Application Security News

SecurityFocus article, "This article examines the dismal state of application-layer logging as observed from the authors’ years of experience in performing source code security analysis on millions of lines of code."
A long paper on web application security threats released by honeynet.org. "This paper focuses on application threats against common web applications. After reviewing the fundamentals of a typical attack, we will go on to describe the trends we have observed and to describe the research methods that we currently use to observe and monitor these threats."

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