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(Latest additions to the WIKI)
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== Latest additions to the WIKI ==
== Latest additions to the WIKI ==
==== New Pages ====
* [[PDF Attack Filter for Apache mod rewrite]] - PDF Attack Filter for Apache mod rewrite, served by Apache with mod_rewrite installed.
* [[Struts XSLT Viewer]]
* [[Reviewing code for XSS issues]]
* [[OWASP WebScarab NG Project Technical Info]], if you want to know what is happening under the hood of the new version of WebScarab
* with some content [[Portuguese]] (new chapter), [[All clients can be reverse engineered, monitored, and modified]], [[Native Methods]], [[Long long ago...]], [[Java applet code review]]
==== Updated pages ====
==== Updated pages ====

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Using the same format as used in OWASP Newsletter 1 and OWASP Newsletter 2 this is the page that will be used for the next Newsletter



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Updated pages

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Application Security News

  • Web Application Security Professionals Survey (Jan. 2007) - Jeremiah Grossman just released his survey with lots of very interresting data. Make sure you check out section '11) Top 3 web application security resources' which is a nice database of the most popular vulnerability assessment tools and knowledge resources (#1 was RSnake's Blog, and #2 was OWASP :) )
  • Don't take security advice from the devil you know! - He lies. Especially about security flaws. This article notes an increase in vulnerabilities found in open source packages and concludes that... "For the personal sites and the mom-and-pop stores that rely on the software, it certainly affects them," Martin said. "But larger companies likely aren't affected." Right.

OWASP references in the Media