OWASP Newsletter 10

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Sent to owasp-all mailing list on ?? May 2007

OWASP Newsletter #10 (10-Jul-2007)

Welcome to the 10th OWASP Newsletter covering:

  • The OWASP Moderated AppSec News Feed
  • (Past) OWASP on the Move Events
  • What's happening online at OWASP and in your chapters?
  • OWASP references in the Media

Don't by shy to put YOUR stuff in the next OWASP Newsletter 11.


Sebastien Deleersnyder

Belgium/Luxemburg OWASP Chapter board member

Featured Item: The OWASP Moderated AppSec News Feed

This news feed is moderated by OWASP and will feature high-quality posts focused on application security that advance the field, provide useful insight, or are useful educational resources. The OWASP Moderated AppSec News Feed

(Past) OWASP on the Move Events

  • In Turkey Dinis will talk about OWASP World (tools, documents, projects,etc..)
  • In Belgium Ivan Ristic and Dinis Cruz came to the chapter meeting (sponsored by F5 Networks locally).

The OWASP on the Move page allows you to find:

  • OWASP speakers to entertain OWASP presentations and that want to see the world
  • Local chapters or application security events that want to attract an OWASP speaker
  • OWASP sponsors that want to support spreading the OWASP message

Latest additions to the WIKI

Updated chapterpages

Updated chapter pages:

New Documents & Presentations from chapters

For a complete list of chapter presentations see the online table of presentations.

OWASP Community

OWASP and WASC have joined together to host a combined meetup at Blackhat USA 2007 in Las Vegas on Aug 1 from 8-9:30 at the Shadow Bar. Breach Security has stepped forward to sponsor the event. Please download the invite and RSVP. Come and join us for a drink and meet other like minded people from the industry. NOTE: Those who have already RSVPed need not to RSVP again.

OWASP references in the Media