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How to Request OWASP Merchandise

In response to so many requests for OWASP Gear, we have made arrangements with a vendor, Konik Company, for chapter leaders to purchase some items using their available chapter funds. Additionally, if you do not have chapter funds to cover your request, you request money through our community fund budget to help pay for merchandise to use at chapter meetings and local events.

Please complete the Merchandise Request Form* and we will get back to you quickly regarding your request. Please contact us with any questions regarding merchandise orders.

Please Note, this is only a partial list!

We are working on an on-line e-store that will have the complete collection and updated pictures of the actual merchandise. Please pardon our mess during the remodel. Thank you. The order form has a more complete listing of sizes, inventory and prices. It is simply lacking pictures for a lot of items.

OWASP Branded Merchandise for Purchase


"Got OWASP?" Stickers, $0.10 each
Got OWASP Sticker Small.JPG

"OWASP - because the world is cruel" Stickers, $0.10 each
OWASP Because the world is Cruel.JPG

"Rewrite your script" Stickers, $0.10 each
Rewrite your script sticker small.JPG


Gray OWASP Pens (Bic), $0.75 each

Stock picture:


Gift Pen Set

Black engraved OWASP Pen Set, $15.00 each

Stock picture:


Mini Notepad and Pen Set

Blue Notepads with white OWASP logo, Pen attached, $2.00 each

Stock picture:

Mininotebook pen set.jpg


Black Foam Rockets, $2.00 each


Stress Balls

OWASP Stress Balls, $1.00 each

Stock picture:



OWASP Lanyards, $2.00 each

Stock picture:


Messenger Bags

Black Attache Shoulder Bag with OWASP Logo, $32.00 each


Ball Caps

Black/yellow Baseball Hats, $12.00 each


Black Bistro mugs w/Yellow OWASP Logo, $4.50 each

Basic OWASP Tshirt

OWASP Shirt Black t-shirt with white logos $10.00 each


Make AppSec Visible T-Shirts

White T-shirt with Black Logo, $10.00 each
Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
Ultra Cotton(R) 6.1 ounce, 100% preshrunk cotton unisex t-shirt. Features seamless collar and double-needle stitching throughout and taped shoulder-to-shoulder.

Black on White Bzz Tshirt front.PNG     Black on White Bzz Tshirt back.PNG    Black on White Bzz Tshirt closeup.PNG

RockSport and Other Requests

We also have items available at: RockSports OWASP Storefront. If you would like to order items and have them billed to your local chapter or event, please contact us.

Items to Borrow or Purchase

Table Cover

$174.00 each

OWASP Table Cover.JPG


$325.00 each

Banner appearing on the left is the "Cog Wheel Banner" Click here to download 300dpi PDF of Cog Wheel Banner

Banner appearing on the right is the "Honeycomb Banner" Click here to download 300dpi PDF of Honeycomb Banner *Updated 8-Aug-2011*

Banner-1.jpg     Banner-2.jpg


Most OWASP Books can be downloaded for free at Lulu's OWASP Storefront.

Printed copies of the OWASP Books are also available for purchase at Lulu's OWASP Storefront. If you would like to order books and have them billed to your local chapter or event, please contact us.

OWASP Business Cards

Card Front: Card front high web.png

Card Back: Card back high web.png

Please contact us