OWASP Israel 2009 12

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The meeting will be held in Tuesday, Dec 8th, 2009.

Location: IBM/Watchfire Offices, Sapir 1, Herzliya Pituach

Map: [1]


OWASP DC 2009 Highlights

Ofer Maor, Hacktics

In this lecture we will review the highlights of the last global OWASP Conference in DC. We will review some of the new aspects in application security, and new OWASP Projects. Among other topics, we will discuss the upcoming launch of the new OWASP Top 10 (2010), which is now in Release Candidate state, and reflects the changes in the spread of various application attacks.

Decompilation Injection

Maty Siman, Checkmarx

The presentation will show a novel way to protect .NET assemblies against reverse-engineering and recompilation. By injecting them with commands that are activated only at the recompilation stage, the application retroactively detects the reverse-engineering process and acts upon it.

File:OWASP-Israel-2009-Dec DecompilationInjection Maty-Siman.pptx