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The inquiry into the Google Hacking project and associated allegations has been completed by the Board with help from the Global Projects Committee. Fortunately, we have had very little need for inquiries of this nature over the years. Still, the inquiry process is in place to help preserve and protect the openness of our community.

The inquiry concluded that while the Google Hacking project was not the most innovative or open project, there was no abuse of the OWASP Brand. However, the abusive behavior demonstrated around this project and the subsequent inquiry were destructive and intolerable. Therefore, the Board has resolved to suspend Christian Heinrich from OWASP Leadership for a period of six months. We encourage and welcome positive participation by Christian in OWASP projects and chapters as a normal member of the OWASP community so long as that participation is consistent with our culture and principles of conduct.

Jeff Williams, Chair
The OWASP Foundation

OWASP Global Project Committe's Report

GPC Report 1 - Google Hacking Project.JPG GPC Report 2 - Google Hacking Project.JPG GPC Report 3 - Google Hacking Project.JPG GPC Report 4 - Google Hacking Project.JPG

OWASP Board's Resolution

OWASP Board's Resolution - Google Hacking Inquiry.JPG