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== OWASP India Co-Chairs  ==
[mailto:dhruv.soi(at) Dhruv Soi]<br>[mailto:nitin.saxena(at) Nitin Saxena]
== OWASP India Latest News ==
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== OWASP India Past Events  ==
===India's Cyber Security Kumbh (2012)===
Third edition of OWASP India conference held in 2012 gathered nearly 550 participants to attend one day conference and dedicated training for one day post-conference. Event took place at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon which is hospitality partner to OWASP India.
Event Highlights
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1. Inaugural address by Dr. M S Vijayaraghavan, Additional Secretary – National Technical Research Organization (Prime Minister Office)
2. Keynote address by Muktesh Chander [IPS], Centre Director, National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre
3. Special address by Shri Alok Vijayant, Director National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), Prime Minster Office.
4. House full four training sessions to impart high quality trainings by expert trainers of international repute
5. Demonstration of out-of-the-box information security products at exhibition
===India's Largest Information Security Conference (2009)===
With over 600 participants from 200 companies, the India's largest information security event, [ OWASP Asia Conference] was held in 2009 at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, India.
=====Event Highlights=====
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1. Inaugural address by [ Howard A. Schmidt], the Cyber-Security Coordinator of the Obama Administration, operating in the Executive Office of the President of the United States.
2. Keynote address by [ Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha], Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee at the Headquarters, Integrated Defence Staff of the Ministry of Defence.
3. Special address by Shri Alok Vijayant, Director National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), Prime Minster Office.
4. Addressed by [ John Bumgarner], Research Director for Security, CTO at U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit (US-CCU).
5. [ India Leadership Summit 2009], panel discussed amongst CIOs and regulators with closing remarks by Shri Ashwini Kumar, Director - Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
5. Capture the Flag competition and [ PacketWars] by Bryan K. Fite.
6. 30 speakers from 18 different countries, 4 days event, participation from 200 companies, government departments, defence and security establishments. A unique networking platform for industry, government and academia.
===India's Most Trusted Information Security Conference (2008)===
[ OWASP India AppSec Conference 2008] was held at India Habitat Center. Conference was attended by over 400 participants from around 120 companies, government departments, security and defence agencies.
====Event Highlights====
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1. Inaugural address by [ Dr. Kamlesh Bajaj], CEO, DSCI (A NASSCOM Initiative)
2. Keynote address by [ Mano Paul], Software Assurance Advisor, (ISC)2
3. 2 Days event with best-of-breed training tracks on the second day of the event.
4. International speakers, 400 participants and lots of networking.
== OWASP India Advisory Board  ==
GIC (Global Industry Committee) took an initiative to form an '''OWASP Global Advisory Board''' to bring together the Information Security leaders from across the Industry to help achive OWASP's mission (
'''OWASP India Advisory Board''' is a regional panel of Leaders from across India that have come together to help OWASP India in contributing to the world's biggest software outsourcing industry and help it fight "the insecure code'. The Leaders include some of the eminent personalities that are currently helping shape the future of Indian IT Industry in regards to Information Security and protecting the Critical Infrastructure.
====OWASP Advisory Board 2012====
[ Click Here for Board Member's Details]
====OWASP Advisory Board 2009-2011 ====
[ Click Here for Board Member's Details]

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