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OWASP is an open source organization. While our activities are free for all, we can use your help to make our activities better. We are open to any sponsorship ideas that you may have. This are some simple ways in which you can help us:

Commercial Sponsoring an OWASP IL conference

OWASP Israeli chapter holds a conference usually twice a year usually together with the Efi Arazi Computer Science School at the the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya. These conferences where very successful and a large number of people.

We encourage company's to sponsor our conferences and help pay for such expenses such as refreshments, photography, video etc. The conferences are not commercial and the cost goes directly to cover expenses. Actually we just split the bills between the sponsors, but not more than $500 for each sponsor.

Past sponsors include Checkpoint, Microsoft and F5.

What do you get for sponsoring

  • Many thanks, and hopefully a very good feeling of helping the community.
  • A table top style mini booth where you can put up a "roll up" poster or two and hand out your brochures and freebies.
  • Logo on the conference page.
  • If there is something specific that you may want else and is within the OWASP guideline tell me.

What you don't get

  • List of people registering. You can collect yourself in the booth, for example by offering a prize for people filling in details.
  • A lecture for money. The conference program is strictly selected on professional terms.

What should you prepare as a sponsor

As a sponsor, you are not oblidged to do anything. Sponsorship can be a philanthropy. However in order to take advantage of the benefits listed above, we recommend the following:

  • Send us a logo file to put on the conference web page.
  • Prepare a roll up type poster or equivalent for your table top booth.
  • Prepare brochures for handling out to conference attendees.
  • You might also want hold a sweepstake between people who fill in their details in order to collect leads. We will be happy to announce the prize on the conference page.
  • Come 30 minutes before the conference starts to setup your booth.

for further details contact me.

Non for Profit/Barter Sponsorship of OWASP IL Conferences

We are happy to allow any information security related non for profit organization to present at our conference expo. You will get, for free, the same benefits that the commercial vendors get. The only condition is that if you hold similar events we would like to present at those events in return.

We extend the same type of barter to commercial organizations that hold events. If you organize an information security related event, we would let you promote it in our expo in return for having presence in your event.

Contact me for further details.

Hosting a meeting

We also host regular meetings and look for companies to host of sponsor these meetings. A company that hosts such a meeting is responsible for a meeting location and the refreshments. We need a room that can host up to 50 people. Pizza and drinks are the common refreshments, but alternatives are also OK. Keep in mind that food should be Kosher.

If you want to host such a meeting, contact me me.

OWASP Membership

In addition to sponsoring OWASP Israel, you can also join OWASP as a member. For details, please refer to this page.