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Submitting presentations

We always welcome presentations, if for a specific event or generally for a future meeting. We favor presentations on web application security and accept from time to time presentations or related subjects. In conferences we may select an exceptional presentation about information security in general.

If you want to submit, please send an e-mail to ofer@shezaf.com with the following details:

  • The presentation title.
  • An abstract (couple of paragraphs).
  • Estimated length.
  • A short bio of the presenter.

We prefer and tend to accept submissions that include more (actual slides, a paper or an outline). In certain cases we would ask for this since we feel the abstract does not provide is not enough , presentations that also include.

Editorial committee

We have established a content committee to review the presentations. The committee would select the presentations and in some cases will work with presenters to ensure that the presentations fit the OWASP conference. Examples of such cases are:

  • From past experience we know that some presenters have very interesting things to say, but lack the experience to build a short and compelling presentation for a large scale.
  • At times we like the presentation but would like to ensure that it is not commercial.
  • When selecting a subject related to web application security we may want to help the presenter in focusing on the web application security aspects of his presentation.

Naturally in such cases we would need the full presentation well in advance.

Preparing for the event

In any case we will require the presentation to be available to us prior to the event (specific date would be set for each event). On the day of the event please be at the conference at least 45 minutes before your presentation.