OWASP Event Requirements

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Event Requirements

These are the requirements imposed on any event using the OWASP brand. The requirements are cumulative as such that Regional/Theme Conferences must also comply with "All Events" requirements. Global AppSec Conferences must also comply with "All Events" and "Regional/Theme Conference" requirements. For additional information on event types, see [OWASP Event Definitions]

All Events

  • All Events must be coordinated with the Global Conferences Committee and receive their approval
  • Events must have an OWASP Wiki Page
  • All Events must use the OWASP Registration System (contact the Global Conferences Committee for access)
  • Only OWASP Board members or their designates may enter into contracts on behalf of the foundation
  • All finances must be handled by the OWASP Foundation unless exceptions are granted by the Global Conferences Committee
  • All content must be vendor neutral
  • All content must be made available to the public after the conference
  • All calls for papers, training and registration must be open to the public
  • All events must be conducted in a manor consistent with the OWASP Mission, Principles and Code of Ethics
  • Free admission should be made available for OWASP Leaders, Committee and Board members

Regional/Theme Conference

  • A complete budget must be submitted and approved by the Global Conferences Committee
  • A board member must be present at all OWASP AppSec and Regional Conferences to provide a welcoming statement
    • Travel and accommodations for the board member will be sourced from the conference budget

Global AppSec Conferences

  • AppSec Conferences must be processed through the AppSec Call for Conferences process
  • There must be associated training with the conference
  • An admission fee must be charged
  • Sessions must be recorded and posted to the public after the conference
  • There must be at least one networking event at the conference