OWASP Education Project Roadmap

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This page is split in 2 parts.
The first part is the split-up of the current goals in tasks. Here you can add who is working on what module together with the status on progress.
The second part lists longer term goals of the Eduction project. Do not hesitate to add goals and discuss them in the mailing list.

Current Goal Tasks

The following is a list of tasks that have to be performed for the project:

  • Finnish inventory (10% - all)
  • Start list of modules (0% - tbd)
  • Create module template with ppt, description, prerequisites (0% - tbd)
  • Figure out a way to accompagnie module with audio/video support (0% - tbd)
  • Create Newbie track from modules (0% - tbd)
  • Create Developer track from modules (0% - tbd)
  • ...

Future Goals