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This page provide a commented overview of the OWASP presentations available.
Please use the last line of the tables as template.
Presentions can be tracked through:

Everybody is encouraged to link the presentations and add their findings on this page ! There are currently hundreds of presentations all over the OWASP web site. If you search google with “site:owasp.org filetype:ppt” there are 166 hits. “site:owasp.org filetype:pdf” returns 76. Feel free to “mine” them and add them to the overview.

OWASP Project Presentations

OWASP Project Presentations
Title Comment Level Rating (1-10)
The OWASP Testing Guide (Jeff Williams) Overview of the OWASP Testing Guide Novice 7
Example (include link) Fill in your comments Novice/Intermediate/Expert 1:bad - 10: the best