OWASP EU Summit 2008 - updates

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  • To: OWASP Leaders
  • Subject: [Owasp-leaders] OWASP EU Summit 2008 ,please register if you can make it (4-7 November 2008 in Portugal)
  • Hello, as you probably have heard by now, we are going to organize a conference in Portugal 100% dedicated to OWASP.
  • The idea is to get us (OWASP participants) together in the same place in order to:
    • 1) present your (project & chapter leader) great work and
    • 2) answer the questions: 'what is happening at OWASP?' , 'How can OWASP help?' and 'What should OWASP focus in 2009?'
  • Me (Dinis Cruz) and Paulo Coimbra are the crazy ones that will try to make all of this happen. We have started to put some ideas here: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_EU_Summit_2008 , but please note that these are still early days, and there is still quite a lot to decide. If you are able to help, or know somebody who is (we are going to have a couple extra invitations for helpers), please let us know asap with the area(s) you would like to be involved in .
  • The idea is to cover as much of your costs as possible.
  • In principle - for everybody that meet the invitation criteria (for example, the current SOC participants & Reviewers WILL NEED to successfully complete your objectives :) ) - we will be aim to cover 100 % of the accommodation expenses and a % of the transportation. And before you ask, no, the invitation criteria has not been finalized yet :)
  • The final number will depend of a lot of factors, but the current plan is to provide financial support to: all Seasons of Code participants and reviewers, significant & active Projects and Chapters leaders, significant past OWASP contributores and member of the summit organizing team (see https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_EU_Summit_2008#Participants).
  • Although we start with a good budget (150,000 USD) to cover expenses (i.e. venue, accommodation, transport & food), it will not be enough to cover the current projected number of OWASP participants (200 people). So if you can get your company to pay for some or all expenses (for example the flight), please do so (that will allow us to support somebody else that cannot get their expenses covered and doesn't match the invitation critia (which I note again, is still yet to be finalized))
  • We need to start sorting out the travel logistics as soon as possible, so if you can make those dates (and even if you are from a not very active project or chapter) please put ASAP your name in that list .
  • Fell free to contact Paulo (or me) if you have specific questions about this OWASP Summit,
  • Looking forward to see you all there :)

Dinis Cruz OWASP Board Member