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*[[OWASP EU Summit 2008 - updates|'''OWASP EU Summit 2008 - updates''']]
== What: OWASP Summit, a conference about OWASP and for OWASP's community ==
== What: OWASP Summit, a conference about OWASP and for OWASP's community ==

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What: OWASP Summit, a conference about OWASP and for OWASP's community

When: 4 to 7 Nov 2008 (4 & 5: Meetings and Training, 6 & 7: Conference)

Where: Portugal

Faro or Lisbon


Paulo Coimbra and Dinis Cruz


Theme: Present OWASP's projects, community and activities ..... '....Connecting the dots.... "

Day 1 & 2

  • Training sessions (similar to what happens at the moment at the other OWASP conferences)
  • OWASP Working Group sessions (1/2 day each) on:
    • OWASP Governance, "What is OWASP's position on ...." & Action Plan for 2009
    • ESAPI
    • Browser Security
    • OWASP Top 10 2009

Day 3 & 4 Agenda:

  • Presentations from AoC, SpoC and SoC Participants
  • Presentations from 'Release' Quality OWASP projects (not included in the list above) or Key OWASP projects (like ESAPI)
  • Presentations about OWASP : How it works, Financial reports, OotM (OWASP on the Move), new project management guidelines, local chapter finances, OWASP governance
  • Presentation from Chapter leaders on the activities developed on their project
  • Discussion on next steps for OWASP and focus of next OWASP financial investment plans

Other ideas:

  • vote on 6th OWASP board member (Candidates to Apply)

other details

Projected Attendees:450

  • 200 with some (or all) expenses covered by OWASP
    • 33 SoC participants
    • 70 SoC reviewers
    • 10 SoC Collaborators
    • 15 AoC & SpoC participants
    • 15 Chapter Leaders
    • 8 OWASP Board & Employees
    • 49 OWASP non-individual members (2x per 9k Corporate? 1x for the others?)

Financial details


  • Accommodation & meals: 80,000 USD = 400 USD per person (200x) for 3 nights accommodation and 5 meals (3 dinners and 2 lunches)
  • Flights & Trains : 70,000 USD

Revenue sources

  • Tickets (for the 250 non 'OWASP invited' attendees)
  • Training Sessions
  • Conference sponsors


OWASP Board members & employees

  • Jeff Williams
  • Dave Wichers
  • Dinis Cruz
  • Tom Brennan
  • Sebastien Deleersnyder
  • Paulo Coimbra
  • Kate Hartmann (to be confirmed)
  • Alison McNamee (to be confirmed)
  • Larry Casey (to be confirmed)

Summer of Code 08 Participants & Reviewers

  • (please add your name in the following format)
  • OWASP Classic ASP Security Project Reviewer Esteban Ribicic Argentina -living in Croatia/Wien-
  • OWASP Internationalization Guidelines Reviewer Project Esteban Ribicic
  • OWASP Spanish Project Reviewer Esteban Ribicic
  • OWASP Ruby on Rails Security Project Leader Heiko Webers from Germany

Winter of Code 07 Participants (Completed Projects)

  • (please add your name)
  • {Project} {Name} {Origin Country}

Autumn of Code 06 Participants

  • (please add your name)
  • {Project} {Name} {Origin Country}
  • OWASP Pantera, Simon Roses Femerling, Spain

Active Chapter Leaders

  • (please add your name in the following format)
  • {Chapter} {Role} {Name} {Origin Country}

Active Project Leaders (not currently participating on SoC 08)

  • (please add your name in the following format)
  • {Project} {Role} {Name} {Origin Country}

Significant Past OWASP contributor (that is not already covered by one of the above categories)

  • (please add your name in the following format)
  • {Project/Chapter} {Role} {Name} {Origin Country}

Logistic and Support team

  • Summit Graphic Design + Summit organization + on-site logistics support, Sarah Cruz, UK (London)