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OWASP Connections Committee - Application 8

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Applicant's Name Ludovic Petit.
Current and past OWASP Roles Chapter Leader, OWASP France

Translator: Top Ten 2010, 2007 and 2004 in French

Reviewer: OWASP Secure Coding Practices - Quick Reference Guide

Contributor: OWASP Mobile Security Project

Contributor: OWASP Cloud - Top10 Project

Committee Applying for OWASP Connection Committee

As Chapter Leader, I evangelize for quite a long time now, always with team spirit and commitment. I work at Group level in multinational corporation with a proven track record of working effectively with staff at all levels and managing international teams with team spirit and commitment. (TEAM stands for... Together Each Achieves More). As such, I'm very keen to develop initiatives for the Foundation and build lasting relationships with corporations through this Connections Committee. I'm currently working on an approach for a multinational corporation, in the perspective to (maybe) involve several local Chapters around the world... Feel free to take a look at my public LinkedIn page to see more about me, background, areas of expertise including snapshots of achievements in France and Europe:

As requested, recommendations will follow in the coming days.


Who Recommends/Name Role in OWASP Recommendation Content
1 Sébastien GIORIA CoChapter Leader France and Global Education Committee Member Ludovic is a amazing leader in making connections between organization and is also a great technical security guy with a strong executive view. His actual role in Vodafone Group totally reflect this. I totally approve his membership in a comittee.
2 Fabio Cerullo OWASP Ireland Chapter Leader I endorse Ludovic to be a member of the connections committee due to his extensive experience, broad network of like-minded professionals and passion for OWASP.
3 Jocelyn Aubert OWASP Luxembourg Chapter Leader I participed with Ludovic in the Top2010 French translation. As a project leader, he has demonstrated his leadership capacity, dedication to OWASP, team spirit but also his human qualities. Thus, I can only endorse him to be a member of the connections committee.
4 Lorna Alamri OWASP MSP Chapter Leader Ludovic has been involved in several OWASP projects as OWASP leader I endorse him to be a member of the connections committee.